Sausage Dog becomes Perro Salchicha

Dachshund Luke

Dachshund’s bring happines

to the world.

From Sausage dog to Perro Salchicha.

We just got back from a little walk with Luke along the river where we met a local riding his mule. 

The old man laughed out loud, pointed and mumbled “Perro salchicha”.

He then struggled to get his mule moving again but I could still hear him laughing. 

It seems wherever Luke the  Dachshund is in the world he brings smiles to faces and he loves it.

His little tail wags like crazy whenever he sees a human or animal.

In Florida he was of course “sausage dog” but I kinda like the Spanish version “perro salchicha”.

At least I now know what to ask the butcher when I need sausages! 

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