At this point in my life shouldn’t I know better?


The countdown is in hours not days yet still I am as untrained as the day the walk was announced. How can this be? How fast does time go without me noticing?

It is time to get out of my head and into the real world and drag out my tracksuit bottoms for at 10 am tomorrow morning I will be at the start of a 13 mile walk.

I am after all the one that willingly filled in the application form for Cadiar’s first mini marathon but I have to reflect on the question, why? Some things come to mind including wanting to feel part of the community, feeling younger in mind than my real body is, and my big mouth. My chattering can get me in trouble and at the mention of a marathon that is exactly what I did. I told tales of the long distance walking that I enjoyed in England, after that an application and pen was slid along the bar. I failed to mention that these walks took place over 17 years ago with a much younger fit body.

Tonight I will try to put this feat out of my head and get some rest ready for an early start.

So wish me luck as I put my body where my mouth is, hoping I can actually finish what I started and not be the last one in.


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