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Dachshund Luke loves to see all the Dachshund’s from around the world!

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If you have any Dachshund questions please leave a message in my blog or on our website http://dachshundluke.com and we will be happy to help. It is easier than trying to answer questions on the slideshare above plus your questions help other Dachshund owners 🙂


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  1. HI,

    I’ve got a 5 week dachshund puppy. He has been with us for three days now and is getting accustomed to the house and us. I read all over the internet that a 5 week pup should not be separated from its mommy. I got worried and took him to the vet who got him for us from the breeder. He says its fine as long as we take good care of his nutrition and health.
    Well, its been 3 days now and he playing, chewing and cuddles up all the time. I have newspapers all over the house and he has started to relieve on them which is a good thing.
    What more would you suggest I should do to take care of him?

    • Hello,
      Congratulations on your new Dachshund puppy!

      First I would like to say that 5 weeks is very young for a puppy to be removed from their mother, however it does sound like you are taking good care of him. I am a little surprised that a vet got him from a breeder that young!

      He is a very lucky puppy to be with someone who is going to love and take care of him.

      I have a couple of suggestions that you may already be aware of:

      The most important thing you can do for your puppy is to give him lots and lots of love (sounds like you already are 🙂 ). A puppy that young could start sucking on your clothes or cushions if he feels neglected and a result of not being fully weaned.

      Because of his young age and being so small it is important that he can not escape you home nor get trodden on.

      Not sure where you are living but also be aware of birds of prey if he is outside. Never leave him outside on his own – Dachshund Luke was often swooped upon by birds when he was a puppy.

      Also remember that Dachshunds (especially short haired) can easily get cold and also love to burrow so having a blanket for him to snuggle in would help.

      Really, it is just watching out for his safety – what he is eating, including making sure nothing is on the floor that he could chew on (other than his toys). Food that is poisonous to dogs will have a fast reaction to such a small puppy.

      House breaking can be hard with Dachshunds and it is great that he is starting to pee on the paper. You may want to start narrowing down the areas that he can roam and put the paper in one spot. He will then start to get the idea.

      Please keep me updated about your little one. I have more information about Dachshunds at http://dachshundluke.com

      Dachshunds are wonderful dogs that just love to be with you, sit on you, sleep with you, cuddle you and make us laugh.

      Again thank you for visiting.

  2. hello I also had many daschunds in my life! I love this dogs!

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