Dachshunds Can Drown In Swimming Pools

Hi Dachshund lovers,

Hate to be bringing up such a horrid subject but I wanted everyone to remember Dachshunds can and do drown in swimming pools.
Never leave them alone near a pool or body of water even if yours is a good swimmer.
They could easily fall in – or just fancy a swim and jump in – and then find they cannot get out again.
Look at their little legs, most swimming pools are too difficult for them to reach the sides.

I know of a Dachshund that sadly died this month – his owner said that he often went for a splash around when they were swimming. However, this time he jumped in when he was alone outside and could not get out.

Tips if you have a pool:

  • Think about installing a fence around  your pool (some states in the USA this is compulsary)
  • Cover your pool – If  you have a cover and your Dachshund will be outside alone then please use it.
  • Inform ALL family members and visitors of the risk of your Dachshund not being able to get back out of the pool.
  • Get a kids paddling pool for them to play in – especially if you Dachshund loves water.
  • Get them a life jacket to wear when swimming – these are also come with a handle on top so it is easy to scoop your Dachshund up.
  • Make sure your Dachshund understands a Stop command – No! Stop! and obays it – training, training! If they understand and react your Dachshund will be safer from danger.

Dachshund Luke added Dachshund Life Jackets to his  Dog toys and Supplies That Dachshunds Love site – Click Here to have  a look.

I found this site when looking up training and liked the free video
Online dog training video that is worth looking at.

Our little Dachshunds are precious but also have a mind of their own. Know where your Dachshund is and train him to come back when called.

2 Responses

  1. very good info! my sis n law had a pair of doxies and when they moved to a house with a pool, she made extra sure they were never out there unattended and even made sure they knew where the stairs were to get out of the pool!


  2. Hi Baxter,
    Yes us little Dachshunds need to be shown the steps – not sure why we forget!

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