Is Dog Food Safe For Our Dachshunds

Is Dog Food Safe For Our Dachshunds?

Well Dachshund lovers ever since Dachshund Luke got very sick from eating those cute little individual cans of dog food and the dog food recalls I have been swinging towards homemade.

About three years ago Dachshund Luke ended up very sick and needed an emergency operation. He had a blockage and food was not getting into his stomach – which was full of bile. We thought we were going to lose him, but luckily after a seven day stay at the vets (and a big bill) we were able to bring him  home and nurse him to health.

In some pictures of Dachshund Luke (they are all over the internet!) you might have noticed a little bald patch on his back – that is where they inserted a drip. He has a scar running the whole length of his belly. But he is still one proud Dachshund and thinks he is the bees knees.

The vet warned me against feeding him commercial food. His little belly could not take it any more. He also said that it is quite common among Dachshunds and other small breeds and that he has seen an increase of food related allergies – often just suddenly appearing.

Of course lots of Dachshunds can eat anything without ever getting sick but Dachshund Luke is now on a strict diet of Prescription food and homemade.

Since we have had a little more time on our hands lately I have been doing further research on dog food – I have written a rather long article (sorry! but there is a short video you can watch). It breaks down the ingredients on the dog food labels.

As you know I love Dachshunds and expecially Dachshund Luke so please take a look and get informed at Dachshund Dog Food Can Cause Sickness And Allergies

Where is the above link taking you? To the home of Dachshund Luke 🙂

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  1. You are very wonderful to be so good and kind to your dog. I have two dachshunds and I make their food at home. I am trying to find out what ingredients might be the healthiest and if I need to add any vitamins or minerals to their food to keep it balanced. Right now I feed them cooked ground turkey 1/3, steamed enriched white rice and steamed mixed veggies. I add a little chicken broth when I heat it for them each day. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions? My dogs seem to love the food and I add a bit of low fat cottage cheese for calcium. I am just going by instinct as to the ingredients. I love my little dogs so much and they don’t like regular dog food much and I got scared when I started hearing stories of dog food contamination. I just want to make sure that I am doing the best for my little dogs. I would be happy to buy whatever food may be better for them. Any thought would be appreciated. Thanks ,

  2. Hi Char, thanks for the comment.
    The balance of nutrition can be hard I know which is why I recommend a good dog food book so that you can get a good variety of meals to feed your little ones.
    Turkey is great however although cottage cheese is a good source of protein it should only be given in small quantities. Dogs often find it hard to digest milk products.
    Your comment prompted me to add a page to my site that shows the recipe books I recommend for nutritious home cooked meals. I always forget to add reports to the website that I hand out to people that adopt our Fosters so thankyou! Check it out – I also have put up a free dog food report.

  3. I have been feeding my dachshund a home cooked diet since she was very young,. She is now 13 and is doing great. I make up a batch of food once a week or so, package the meals in zipoloc bags and take out 2 per day. I alternate between batches so she gets some variety.
    Some of her favorites are ground turkey meatloaf and chicken thighs.
    She also gets the “healthy powder” supplement from the book: “Dr Pitcairn’s Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats.”
    My vet is very supportive of this, so I’ve had a lot of good advice along the way.

    • Hello and thank you for visiting.

      I agree that it is easier to make the food in batches – you never know when a Dachshund will get hungry!
      We do the same thing.
      Glad to hear your 13 year old Dachshund is still young and happy – Dachshund Luke is currently only 8 but at times still acts like a puppy.

    • Thanks for post re: homemade dachshund food. Would you be willing to share your recipes? I have looked through dog cook books and so many of the recipes are too complicated.

  4. Hi Char,
    Well looks like you are feeding your dogs a nice meal – turkey, rice and veggies.
    Luke enjoys all of those. A lot of people feed their dogs raw meat and the dogs love it – bones with meat etc. Luke is unable to eat raw meat because of his op. and since then we have to test food on him to see if it makes him sick. Always introduce new food gradually.
    So, we cook chicken, turkey (these are his favourites) then cook rice or barley with veggies (stew). Sometimes he gets egg (including the shell for calcium). He is only small so we can make a whole batch and then only need to warm it up or serve cold in the summer.
    As for recipies, you are right some of the dog food books are a little complicated and need ingredients that might be harder to obtain.
    Did you check out the ones on my site – we use these and they are very easy to follow. Always good to have a back up of differant ideas to insure they are getting a good balance.
    Oh, we have occasionally given Luke tuna – he loves it but we get a little concerned about mercury so it is a treat for every now and then.
    Thanks for visiting us Char and happy cooking 🙂

  5. are there any store bought dog foods you can suggest. I have three dogs in the house (not all Mine) so sophie will eat any of the dogs food I can’t separate, I need a common food that is healthy for all of them all small, dachshund, pom and shitzu.

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