Does Your Dachshund Like The Cold Weather?

Does Your Dachshund Like The Cold Weather?

With their thin coat it is not suprising that Dachshunds feel the cold! Dachshund Luke is already shivering and he is in Spain. The temperature has only dropped a few degrees and already he is shivering and wants to spend his day either snuggled under blankets or secure and warm inside my sweatshirt.

So looks like I am going to spend from now until the end of winter with Dachshund Luke living inside my sweatshirt – does not make it so easy to move around the house, however his warm little body is comforting and keeps me snug too!

How does your Dachshund deal with the cold weather?

Dachshund Luke keeping warm

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  1. Hello gorgeous dachshund Luke and so glad you didn’t get left in Florida!

    Speaking of the cold and how dachshunds really don’t like it, I thought I’d let you know that I have a dachshund website for them and the people who love them.

    Dachshunds are very hard to find coats for and i’ve sourced two brands which are made to fit dachshunds.

    I’m here in Australia but do post around the world.
    Kind regards,

    • Hello Sharman,
      Thanks for visiting and although it is colder here in Spain I am happy to be with my humans.
      You have some nice Dachshund jackets and coats.

      Dachshund Luke

  2. Hi Luke
    I like the cold because of my long hair, Penny hates the cold.
    Even when it is hot outside, we love to snuggle under blankets.
    Love Ruby & Penny

    • Rudy you are lucky to have long hair. I wonder if my human will get me hair extentions, I think that they would look great on me!
      For now I will make do with my humans lap and my blanky.
      Thanks for visiting!
      Dachshund Luke

  3. Hello Luke,
    You are very cute. I adore all dachshund.
    Well, my babies sleep in bed, under the blanket. The female, Lucy, cannot sleep if she is not covered up, even if is summer and 30 degrees. Freddy, the male, is much warmly during the summer, but now, at 18 degree inside, he definitely slips under the blanket.
    When we go out in winter, Lucy cannot bare to walk to much barefooted. She asks me to take her in my arms. And, of course, they ware some warm coats, too.
    What about you?

  4. Hi
    Just visited your site and left a message – you are doing wonderful work for stray animals. Please anyone reading this visit them!

  5. Hi Dachshund Luke!! Nice to “meet” you!

    We live in Canada – so we are used to the cold, wet & snow in the winter!
    We have baskets of warm sweaters, wraps & coats to keep us warm & toasty!
    We don’t go for walks during the cold months, just quick trips outside for potty breaks!! (and those are bad enuf!!)

    ((hugs)) your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

  6. Wow…

    You guys refer to your dogs in first person and refer to yourselves as ‘the humans’ ??

    What has this world come to?

  7. Hi Luke
    We think you are really cute. We are black and tan and dappled. Our names are Oban and Hamish.
    We live in Spain also but were wondering how you like the heat. We are hot and it’s only may. Our mummy tries to keep us cool but its difficult. We like you though the Spanish Peros are ok we have one for our sister. Fun isn’t it loads of rabbits……

    • Hi Oban and Hamish,

      Thank you for visiting me.
      My tail started wagging when I found out there are other Dachshunds in Spain – We are in a small village and I am the only one.
      It is hot here but I am from Florida so it is the cold that I have a problem with. Mind you when it gets too hot I can not walk on the streets because I burn my feet. My human wraps a frozen scarf around my neck and back to keep me cool when we go for walks on the trails, that works really well.
      Keep cool Oban and Hamish and drinks lots of water when you are chasing those rabbits 🙂
      Dachshund Luke

  8. thanks Luke We will try that.We already have wet bandanas. Enjoy the trails

  9. My name is Rebel and it gets to about to 30s here in south ga ! At least i have a Dogloo to use at night , and some heat generating on me . I also use a blanket . We have seen some snow flurries here , that is when it was really cold .

  10. My dachshunds don’t like cold weather. Fortunately they do like hikes more than they hate cold weather.

    When it is cold out it is hard to get them to go outside to go potty but slap a sweater on them and let them work up a little heat and they are unstoppable. Really. I am always huffing and puffing to keep up with them 🙂

  11. Hi! My name is Tinker. I am a dacshund and live Canada in the mid prairies, I am told.
    My mommy and daddy always put a warm coat when I go outside. It is really cold here and I freeze up and can’t move. My dad and Mom watch me and carry me indoors where my warm biddy awaits me.
    They thouht I would sleep in my kennel. Little did they know that I am the boss. I now sleep in the bed. I like to snuggle with my human.
    I love rolling in my blanket.

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