Dachshund Luke And Kitty Kat Find The Sun

Dachshund Luke And Kitty Kat Find The Sun

Hunting down the sun in the winter 

Dachshund owners know that their Dachshund is always somewhere close by. Therefore, it was an odd feeling when I stood up and realized I did not have a nine-pound Dachshund sleeping up my sweatshirt. Odd.  

He was not under the blankets in bed either. Even odder. We had not lit the fire yet, so he was not snuggled on his cushion… 

Umm, I knew he was not outside since it is too cold for him to spend any longer than necessary shivering in the garden. In a slight panic, I tried to remember the last time the front door had been opened. Is he wandering the streets of Spain, perhaps following a mule? 

No such excitement for Dachshund Luke, you see the clouds had parted enough to let a ray of warm sun hit our open back door. 

There he sat with Kitty Kat soaking up what little winter warm Spain could throw their way.  

Dachshund Luke will do anything to find a bit of warmth – even forgo my sweatshirt to enjoy the sunshine.

3 Responses

  1. Of course you were in the sun! There is nothing better than getting your tummy tanned….well except for food! Do you have your parents trained? We don’t have carpet in our house so when the front door is open and the sun is coming in I stand there and stare at Mom or Dad until one of them gets my blanket for me to lay on. Boy! It took a long time for me to get them trained that way.

  2. Hi Twix,
    Yes my humans are as trained as they can be. I have a big blue cushion that magicaly appears wherever I am sitting 🙂
    Of course I have to share it with Kitty Kat and he is bigger than me.

    I have a loud bark so it was easy to train my humans 🙂

  3. Dachshund Luke, I also love to sunbathe. In my new house, there are sliding patio doors in the kitchen and my mom put a rug in front of the door (my mom is definitely trained) and it is my favorite place to sunbathe.
    I hope you get to sunbathe again with Kitty Kat soon and I’m glad he shares!!!
    -Oscar von Schnitzel (I’m a 1 yr old black and tan Dachshund)

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