I Thought Dachshunds Love Snow

I Thought Dachshunds Love Snow

Dachshund Luke thinks it is just cold rain

We all know that Dachshunds hate the rain but I had heard that they love the snow.

I was so excited this morning to see our Spanish village covered in a layer of beautiful snow. When Dachshund Luke emerged from under the blankets (2 hours after us) I grabbed the camera and we headed out of the door.

Dachshund Luke had done his happy dance to my magic words “Do you want to go for a walk” but skidded to a halt in our doorway looking annoyed with this cold white stuff that had invaded his driveway. Ok, I just thought he was unsure of what to do with the snow so scooped him up and marched outside.

I gently lowered  him to the ground. He sniffed the snow, shivered and then lifted each foot as high as he could – which is only about 3 inches – then begged to be picked back up – by jumping at my leg leaving tiny wet cold patches on my jeans.

We tried this a few times but he was not amused.

He is now back inside and after wiggling on the sofa is happily snuggled back under the blankets in our bed.

Maybe I will try again later but I think Dachshund Luke is one of those Dachshunds that just thinks snow is cold rain.

Does your Dachshund like the snow?

13 Responses

  1. Nope! I don’t like snow at all! Take a look at my last couple posts and you will know I hate it! It is so very cold and I start shivering just looking at it! Sorry you had to deal with that cold white stuff, Luke.

  2. We live in northern NV, near Reno, and more often than not we do get a several inches of snow. My two Doxies, Blossom and JoJo, don’t like rain , but OH HOW THEY LOVE THE SNOW! Sure, they get really chilled and caked with it, but it’s hard to get them to come inside :0 They are fun to watch , especially when it’s powder-like and deep than they are tall…lol 🙂 I will soon post pics of them on my Facebook page, look for them 🙂 Happy New Year!

    • Hi Dawn,
      Thanks for visiting,
      Did you post your pictures yet?

      • Hi :0 My daughter and I love reading your blog about Luke! I will post some my pictures on my FaceBook page today. I took several FUN ones in the aftermath of the unexpected 20″ that we got at the end of February 🙂 Look for me on FB under Dawn Foster Pontrelli, and send me a friend-request 🙂
        Have a great weekend!

      • Hi Dawn, thanks for visiting.
        Looking forward to seeing your photos.
        Dachshund Luke

  3. Dachshund Luke looks like he is just the best…love the pic of kitty kat and luke taking in the sun..have a yorkie that does the same thing….zman sends

  4. I do NOT like the snow.
    It is just cold, frozen rain.
    It snowed in Dallas a few weeks ago and mommy thought it would be oh so funny to put me out in the snow and take pictures. I was NOT amused.
    She learned fast enough and took me back inside, dried me off and I got under the warm blankies again.
    Stupid humans! 🙂

    • My humans love to take pictures of me all the time and I have to say I love it! But standing in the snow is not my best pose 🙂
      Glad to hear that you got to snuggle back under the blankets – what Dachshund would not love that!
      Thanks for visiting
      Dachshund Luke

  5. My wiener mix likes snow up to a point. She has no compunctions about sticking her snout into snow to sniff and coming back up with a white beard.

    Once the snow gets above her belly height, she has to jump to get around in the stuff. So, she sticks to the plowed streets, initially distressed to be weeing on the road. There was nothing for it though–the snow was above her haunches this winter.

    Her least favorite snow is melting, compacted snow. She thinks she’s safe to walk on it until her paw breaks through. She’s always startled and gets perturbed after three or four steps, needing a rescue.

    She hates snow that gets in between the pads on her paws and balls up into ice. That hurts!

    • Hi Lemmon,
      Thanks for visiting. You reply made me laugh – I could just see your Dachshund giving that look of “I am not allowed to pee here!” Luke had that same look – the snow was too light and fluffy for him to walk in his normal places because he would sink into it, this he did not find funny.

      At least summer is nearly hear now 🙂

  6. Hi Luke,

    I had my first snow yesterday and I thought it was great! My girl and I even made a snowdoxie but then I jumped up to see him and he fell over. 😦

    I am worried about our cold Canadian winters. Allie keeps pulling this fuzzy thing over my head and then taking it off, saying not long enough yet. She gives me a treat after though. 🙂 I think it might be one or these sweater things everyone seems to have. I hope you like the snow better this winter!

    Cheers, Guss

  7. Tommy Loves the snow. He came across it for the first time last January in Ireland and he loved it. He ran around in it and the snow formed balls on his fur so he went inside in front of the fire, pulled them off and then wanted to go back outside:-)

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