Does Your Dachshund Get Enough Exercise?

Does Your Dachshund Get Enough Exercise?

I have had a lot of questions from Dachshund owners about how much exercise they need. Many people think that due to their tiny legs that they can get all the exercise they need by running around the house.

Lets face it we love our Dachshund’s and they loved to be picked-up and sit on laps. Some little legs rarely hit the floor!

I also feel that there is more to it than chasing a ball. They need to go outside to prevent boredom, being overweight, socializing, over coming fears and for training.

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Do you walk your Dachshunds?

Dachshund Luke loves going for a walk and we are very lucky to have lots of wonderful places to explore. He is always happier, and more content after a walk – except maybe on rainy days 🙂

So, how much exercise do your Dachshund’s get? – Dachshund Luke would love to know, just incase he is missing out on something!

20 Responses

  1. hmm, usually 1/2 an hour to 45 minutes of walkies a day, but when we’re in losing weight mode, sometimes two walkies a day. but baxter also gets a bit of a workout twice a day during meals. 🙂

    • Now thats a nice walk. I love to walk for as long as possible but if it is raining, well thats a differant story!
      Thanks for visiting
      Dachshund Luke

  2. I like to walk my mini-dachshund for about an hour every day in the forest (plus 1 short walkie). We both enjoy it every much. Today someone, who has a lot of experience with dogs, told me that I shouldn’t take him and such long walks and that I should never take him hiking, because this will damage his back? I’m a bit confused because he obviously enjoys it and it’s very good for him. (I haven’t taken him hiking and probably won’t either?) So now I’m trying to find out if it’s true that too much walking (not even on pavements) is bad for him? I would appreciate it you could comment.

    • Hi Hannah,
      Sorry I missed your message and only just noticed it!
      If your dachshund is healthy and not leaping over fallen trees and logs he can enjoy nice long walks. Take a look at the comment from adventureweiner whos dachshunds walk 15 miles! I am not suggesting you try that 🙂
      Dachshund Luke did hurt his front leg around 5 years ago – he was running through very long grass and started running and jumping so that he could see. He landed badly and pulled a muscle. Other than that he loves to go on walks but we keep him on footpaths now.
      Thank you for visiting 🙂

  3. Dachshund Luke is missing out on hiking. I mean real hiking!

    Besides daily walks, I love to take my dachshunds out hiking and snowshoeing on weekends. We try to get out for an adventure once a weekend. In the winter it is usually a shorter hike or snowshoe of 2 to 4 hours but in the summer we have hiked as much as 15 miles in one day.

    I know…many people are suprised to hear that. It inspired me to start a blog at about their adventures. They make great outdoor dogs for active people.

    In addtion to watching their food intake, going on hikes helps keep them really fit. I know this excercise is good for them and helps to keep the muscles that support their backs strong but I am having a hard time finding published information stating such. If you know of anywhere please let me know.


    • Hi, Thanks for visiting. Wow your Dachshunds sound like they are very fit indeed. What fun they must have on their long walks.

      Dachshunds were bred as working dogs and as long as they are used to it (building up gradually) they are able to walk many miles.

      Dachshund Luke is now 10 years old and loves to go on walks – although not 15 miles 🙂

  4. I like to take my mini Dotti out for a 5 mile jog. He loves it. He’s almost 1 yr old and I’m worried it will cause more harm than good. Does anybody go running with their mini? He’s in great shape!

    • Linda….better late than never….yes, I run with both my minis. Chester is 9 now and I started running with him when he was about 1. Gretel is 1.5 years and she has started running with me a couple of days a week. Helps her to get that puppy energy out 🙂

  5. I like to take Charlie, my female mini, out for an hour walk every day (unless it is raining hard). At least once a month we go for a long walk – 2-3 hours. Charlie is lean so the walking is for us to enjoy together. I also regularly look after a family member’s standard. I walk him 1.5 to 2 hours a day and then again if I do errands; but I honestly think he would walk for hours with me if he had the chance! He goes in rain, shine, ice, snow, you name it. When the two dogs are together they play wrestle and chase each other quite vigerously most of the day. This is great for them.

  6. We have a miniature dachshund and take her on about an hour’s worth of brisk walking a day. She also plays a ton- her favorite toy? Socks. She loves stealing peoples’ socks and then runs around like crazy.
    This was a good post, and I’ve enjoyed reading all the replies!

    • How old is she? What is her weight? What age was she when she could walk briskly for an hour? mine can play hard in the house with toys for an hour…but when I get him dressed for his walk, he is less than thrilled…play is fine…walk is not…..but I want to play an hour max with him… I would rather walk and need a walking dog.. So, hopefully he can do it as he ages…yes, I walk fast and he runs to keep up….but, I thought they do that easily???. I may have to get a second dog different breed later..

  7. My new mini piebald Charlie does not seem to want to walk more than 20 min 2times aday. He is just 5 months old. I walk one hour 6 to 7 days a week. Will he be able to do this as an adult at least? Is he just too young now? MY min pin walked with me that much most of his 15 years. Thisndog does not seem to have the stamina or the drive or the want to walk with me far. after a mile, I had to carry him the last mile. He just quit??????

    • Hi Kathy, thanks for visiting.
      Dachshunds were bred to work most of the day, running and chasing small creatures underground. They are working dogs so do have the stamina. They also have larger lungs (hence their deep chests).
      However, your little one is still young so 20 mins is a good amount for him at the moment, especially if he plays hard with his toys during the day. He should be able to walk a lot further as he matures.
      A few reasons a Dachshund may not enjoy walking so far is if it is cold or wet out – both situations that most do not enjoy. Dachshund Luke has a collection of t-shirts and sweaters to keep him warm on chilly days.
      If he was mine I would also want to get him checked out with your vet. His back or hips could be causing discomfort when walking too far or his nails might be too long.
      A couple of other things I wonder about are: Perhaps he is scared or not happy with the area you walk – maybe too many cars or things that to him are scary. We fostered a Dachshund who was scared of things falling on him so did not like movement from trees etc above him. Or perhaps you walk faster than his little legs can. Also if you are walking on a grass it does not have to be that long to be scratchy on his belly.
      Lastly maybe he just enjoys being carried – he gets a better view up there and you will get nice toned arms 🙂
      Enjoy your little one 🙂

      • Thank you.. He just saw vet… She said he was tip top to be neutered next month…he had more energy before the dumb DHLPP shot…that Lepto part never again….we will see as he ages how he does

  8. I walk my six year old dachshund 2 miles 5-7 days a week in the morning (4-5 days during the winter). When I get home we do a short mile walk with my other dachshund who is 12 year old.

  9. I have a little dachshund/bull dog mix. His name is Spuds. He will be 2yrs old this Oct. 2012. I have noticed lately that he has gotten very aggressive with my collie & they get in fights quite often. I can’t pin point a trigger for the fights. My collie is about 3 1/2 yrs old-male. Spuds has been with Copper (my collie) six he was 6wks old & has just started this behavior. He also has started to ignore my commands & take off running away, he is digging out of his pen & barking constantly. Because I have been having massive headaches for about 1yr now without relief, it has been hard to go on regular walks with them. However, I do let them have free time to run & play in my back yard. I was wondering if the lack of walks could be the cause of this behavior? Please help! If I don’t get help with correcting his behavior I will have to find him a new home. love him dearly & certainly do not want it to come to that….

  10. I have 2 mini’s – Trevor(8) and Dean (6). They have been gaining weight over the past year due to lack of exercise. I changed their diets to all natural food (chicken, brown rice) and started walking them 4-5 days a week in different parks in the area. They love being outside and finding new things to smell and mark 😉 I feel better knowing they’re getting exercise and being social 🙂

  11. I just came back from a backcountry hiking trip with my daxie. He ran along side my bike for 6km at a comfortable pace, then ran around for 5 hours at the camping spot. The next day we climbed Sleeping Giant (in Ontario) and it was a 6 km hike, 3 of it was an uphill climb. The dog had no problem except for the really steep parts, and the descend…That day he did 12 km, and he still had energy to run around the campsite chasing squirrels.

    The next day he ran back along side our bikes (another 6km) to the parking lot.

    I have to jog with him 5km a day, and walk him on long walks in the morning, lunch, and it still doesn’t feel like he’s getting enough. When he doesn’t get walked on rainy days, he crawls under the couch and tears it to shreds….

    He’s keeping me and my husband really fit.

  12. Everybody says Sasha is fat. Random people on the street and my friends too. I thought she was ok but I guess I was wrong. She walks about 3 blocks twice a day and runs on the beach 4 blocks and back (a total of 10) once a day. She always have dry food available and I feed her a little of everything I eat (I eat healthy stuff). I guess I spoil her with food, but I have another dachshund (mini) she eats and exercises just the same and she is fit. Any ideas? No dry food? No snacking? Thank you

  13. I have a 3 of them on 1 acre with an in ground fence… the male will go all day and plays with my beagle…. one female goes crazy for squirrels..the other female is not interested in much but eating…the male is muscular and lean… the female that runs a bit is in not bad shape… the loafer is fat….so the whole thing is just common sense..

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