Funny Dachshund Video Playing With A Puppy

Funny Dachshund Video Playing With A Puppy

Hi all it is Dachshund Luke here.

Here is a funny video of me and the foster puppy. The puppy is a German Shephard and always wants to play with my toys. Everyone who knows me is very aware that I love my Dachshund toys and really do not see why I should be sharing them. 

Only problem I have is that my legs are so short. The puppy already has longer legs than me and apparently is stronger too!

I hope that you enjoyed this video 🙂

My human has been busy helping the local animals here in Spain. I keep telling her that she has been neglecting my blog so decided to pretend that the puppy was dragging me around to make a funny video. Then she had to post on my blog 🙂

Bye for now Dachshund lovers

Dachshund Luke xx

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