Older Dachshund Peeing In Your House?

Is Your Older Dachshund Peeing In Your House?

Our beautiful frosty faced Dachshund Luke occasionally needs reminding to stop sniffing for a moment and pee!

Sometimes he asks to go outside and then gets distracted – Ok, I admit I am easily distracted too 🙂

We are very grateful that he has not started peeing in our house, however I have been getting a few emails from Dachshund owners who are not so lucky.

Some have recently adopted a senior Dachshund only to find out the possible reason for them being in a shelter in the first place – they were not fully housebroken.

Others have dachshunds that have just started to pee in the house after years of being fully potty trained!

Both are frustrating to deal with but I really want Dachshund owners who are having these problems with their little bundles of joy to actively learn how to stop this behaviour and break the circle of dachshunds ending up in shelters.

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