Recently we (my wonderful hubby and I) had the opportunity to move from Florida to spend a year or so in Spain. Many people suggested we leave our little Dachshund Luke behind!

I was more than upset by these strange remarks. There was no way on earth that was going to happen. If Luke couldn’t come with us then we just wouldn’t go.

After 3 months of frantic planning and worrying about dogs on planes we are all safely installed in a beautiful village in the Alpujarra Mountains.


So we are currently living in a very small and old white washed village in Spain called Cadiar. Locals still own and use mules and donkeys, produce wine and there are Almond trees everywhere. Our neighbors keep their goats, chickens and mules on the ground floor of their old stone homes. I am so lucky to be able to spend a year in the Alpujarra Mountains. I very much enjoy following goat paths in the mountains, soaking up the silence and beauty.

The peace, time and tranquility allowed me to be able to spend some time exploring myself and write.



My blogs:

My blogs will sometimes be written as seen through the eyes of our lovable little Dachshund Luke. They most defiantly will contain information about travelling with a pet overseas and living in this little village called Cadiar. Since we spent 13 years in stunning Florida I am sure it will be mentioned more than a few times. Other ramblings will be included when they spring to mind.

Who am I?

I am happy, easy going, love to laugh, smile and talk.

At least that is my daily goal but others may not always see me that way.

I enjoy life and love travelling, walking, Dachshunds, reading, computers, and numbers.

I am not a very good cook, nor do I care. I did try knitting this year but winter ended before my husbands scarf was finished.

However I am many other things and hope to be many more.


6 Responses

  1. Hi Dachshund Luke!! I see you ran across my videos and just wanted to say hi. Your blog is so cool. Hope u like mine. Woof! – B

    • Hi Baxter, Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.
      You look a bit like me, but I cant dance like you can!
      My humans laugh out loud when they watch your video and twittered it so you helped lots of people laugh.
      Thanks for visiting.
      Dachshund Luke

  2. Hi. I found you through Zodi’s blog and just wanted to say “hello.” Your Luke is a fine looking wee dog. I appreciate all of the dachshund links and tips – I just got my second and they are keeping me jumping.

    • Hi Donald, Thanks for visiting my blog. I often think of getting another Dachshund as two are fun. Love watching Luke play with the foster dogs.

      You blog is so funny and Scott is always laughing and showing me your posts. Keep up the good work and have fun with your Dachshunds

  3. Hi, I have a dachshund beagle mix who has had two back surgeries … the last two times her back went out was after a brisk walk. I’m afraid to walk her now. She has multiple problems along her spine and has been recommended to have a procedure where they will basically burn the center of her spine to prevent her discs from rupturing. We actually will have to travel to Dallas or Oklahoma for this procedure. Anyway, how can I exercise her if she is so fragile?

    • Hi Sheila,
      Thank you for visiting my site. I am so sorry to hear that your Dachshund/Beagle has a bad back. Poor little baby.

      I really hope that her next surgery is successful and she is able to exercise more. It is such a stressful time when our dogs are injured.

      As far as exercising her I would hate to suggest anything without knowing her. I am sure you have already asked her vet, they should be able to assess her and suggest exercises that will not put stress on her back.

      Have they said that it is still ok for her to go on gentle walks? Short walks on a leash, no twisting, turning, running, jumping, or chasing balls, just a gentle walk – again because of her history please check with your vet first.

      Supervised swimming or floating in a pool with you holding her body straight (wearing a lifejacket) may also be helpful since it takes the pressure off her back. However, only do this if your dog is used to water otherwise she may well freak out and twist her back trying to escape.

      Personally from what you have told me so far if she was my dog and if I was planning the surgery very soon then I would be avoiding too much exercise because I would not want her back to get worse before then. But again I am not sure what your vet suggested – maybe they also do not want her to get stiff.

      If the surgery is a long way off I would still be trying to stop her doing all the usual Dachshund no’s (Jumping, twisting, etc) and very short calm walks with back massages when we get back.

      I am sorry that I have not been more helpful. I think if you have a chat with your vet then they should be able to explain what level of exercise she is capable of.

      When we fostered a Dachshund that was recovering from back surgery he was not allowed any exercise at all until he had recovered, then he was on gentle walks and gentle massages for a few months.

      Please let me know how your little one is doing.

      Best wishes

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