Book Dachshund Luke Goes To Spain

Book Dachshund Luke Goes To Spain

Have you ever left your safe place to explore the unknown?

Donation Made To Dachshund Rescue FL (DARE)

Welcome to the enchanting world as seen through the eyes of one loveable Dachshund called Luke.

Won’t you join him in this first adventure of a series in which our little friend leaves his home in America and finds himself in Spain.

Along the way, he learns many life lessons in which we can all use a refresher course. If you are a parent, a child, a dog lover or a world traveler this delightful dog will charm you. Packed with pictures this book is sure to bring a smile to your lips and laughter to your heart.


Please feel free to preview the first 15 pages of my book here : Dachshund Luke goes to Spain

I make a donation to DARE for each book sold – Dachshund Rescue FL – so thankyou.

I am currently living in a little Spanish village with time to reflect and get to know some of the locals including the group of English ex-pats and their families. It dawned on me how strange it must have been for some of the children to leave behind their friends and all familiar to them.

This prompted me to write this little book. It is all about Dachshund Luke and his move from Florida to Spain. My hope is that it will be enjoyed by Dachshund owners and just possibly help with a child adjusting to new places.

Thank you for looking.

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