How To Potty Train A Dachshund New Ebook

How To Potty Train A Dachshund New Ebook

I have been repeatedly asked to publish a book on how to potty train a Dachshund and never seemed to have time. Well, at last I managed to gather all the information into an ebook. I am so excited and wanted to let you all know why.

How To Potty Train A Dachshund is full of tips just for Dachshunds and is based on the information that I passed onto the wonderful people who adopted the Dachshunds that we were fostering. Written just for Dachshunds – we all know they are special 🙂

So why am I so excited about my How To Potty Train A Dachshund ebook?

  • We will be returning to Florida soon and as soon as we are settled will be back to fostering Dachshunds. The rescue groups are in desperate need for foster homes so that they can keep the little ones out of shelters.
  • I will continue to give this ebook to the people who adopt from us but it will now be easier for them to read. In the past it had been a mix of my verbal excitement and hand written instructions!

Why am I charging for my How To Potty Train A Dachshund ebook

Yep, it would be great if I could just give it away to all Dachshund owners and indeed to have lots of free information on my site, but…..

  • I donate money to Dachshund Rescue for each ebook sold
  • The money earned helps me keep the website going, therefore providing free information on Dachshunds.
  • I can also put the money towards the foster Dachshunds so I will not need to get money from the Dachshund Rescue groups.
  • It is nice to make a little money every now and then 🙂

How To Potty Train A Dachshund Http://

Well, my Dachshund friends if you have a Dachshund that you are having trouble potty training please take a look at my ebook. It is written just for Dachshunds – Yes they can!

Ok, here is the link so that you can see what I am rambling on about. Will warn you that there is no professional in your face sales page – I am not good at that. I am just a Dachshund Lover that likes to spread the word about how wonderful this breed is.

Thats Dachshund Luke on the cover 🙂

Whoops, nearly forgot the link –>>   How To Potty Train A Dachshund

Does Your Dachshund Get Enough Exercise?

Does Your Dachshund Get Enough Exercise?

I have had a lot of questions from Dachshund owners about how much exercise they need. Many people think that due to their tiny legs that they can get all the exercise they need by running around the house.

Lets face it we love our Dachshund’s and they loved to be picked-up and sit on laps. Some little legs rarely hit the floor!

I also feel that there is more to it than chasing a ball. They need to go outside to prevent boredom, being overweight, socializing, over coming fears and for training.

Please read my free article Why You Should Walk And Exercise Your Dachshund 

Do you walk your Dachshunds?

Dachshund Luke loves going for a walk and we are very lucky to have lots of wonderful places to explore. He is always happier, and more content after a walk – except maybe on rainy days 🙂

So, how much exercise do your Dachshund’s get? – Dachshund Luke would love to know, just incase he is missing out on something!

Dachshund Recipes Please! What Are You Cooking Tonight?

 Dachshund Recipes Please! What Are You Cooking Tonight?


Whats this?

What's this? I thought you were cooking tonight!

Hello Dachshund lovers,

Due to popular demand from my friends, the wonderful people who adopted our fosters, and Dachshund lovers I am in the middle of putting together a Dachshund recipe ebook.

WOW am I crazy? Maybe it is a lot of work but…

I got fed up of searching for home cooked meals that Dachshunds love. Now dont get me wrong there are a lot of interesting dog food books available but they are either complicated, full of unobtainable ingredients or just not suitable for our little Dachshunds. I know that there are some wonderful Dachshund lovers that visit my site everyday, who care about their Dachshunds and know that what they eat affects their health and lifespan. We all know the dangers of commercial dog foods as evidence by all the recent recalls!

So, Dachshund lovers – What are you cooking for your Dachshund tonight?

What do I want?

I am looking for Dachshund recipes that have been tried and tested on Dachshunds to be included in my new ebook

What do you get?

If I include your recipe you will get a big blue link to your website or blog PLUS a free copy of the ebook!

How do you submit your favorite Dachshund recipes?

Please email me at 

Include recipes – pictures would be great! (you can submit as many as you like)

The link to either your Dachshund blog or website that you would like included.

Please do not add them here – the comments will get way too long!

 This is a great way to help other Dachshund owners keep their Dachshunds healthy.

Any questions? Please email me

 Thanks to those that have already sent me great recipes! Please keep them coming!

Does Your Dachshund Like The Cold Weather?

Does Your Dachshund Like The Cold Weather?

With their thin coat it is not suprising that Dachshunds feel the cold! Dachshund Luke is already shivering and he is in Spain. The temperature has only dropped a few degrees and already he is shivering and wants to spend his day either snuggled under blankets or secure and warm inside my sweatshirt.

So looks like I am going to spend from now until the end of winter with Dachshund Luke living inside my sweatshirt – does not make it so easy to move around the house, however his warm little body is comforting and keeps me snug too!

How does your Dachshund deal with the cold weather?

Dachshund Luke keeping warm

Is Dog Food Safe For Our Dachshunds

Is Dog Food Safe For Our Dachshunds?

Well Dachshund lovers ever since Dachshund Luke got very sick from eating those cute little individual cans of dog food and the dog food recalls I have been swinging towards homemade.

About three years ago Dachshund Luke ended up very sick and needed an emergency operation. He had a blockage and food was not getting into his stomach – which was full of bile. We thought we were going to lose him, but luckily after a seven day stay at the vets (and a big bill) we were able to bring him  home and nurse him to health.

In some pictures of Dachshund Luke (they are all over the internet!) you might have noticed a little bald patch on his back – that is where they inserted a drip. He has a scar running the whole length of his belly. But he is still one proud Dachshund and thinks he is the bees knees.

The vet warned me against feeding him commercial food. His little belly could not take it any more. He also said that it is quite common among Dachshunds and other small breeds and that he has seen an increase of food related allergies – often just suddenly appearing.

Of course lots of Dachshunds can eat anything without ever getting sick but Dachshund Luke is now on a strict diet of Prescription food and homemade.

Since we have had a little more time on our hands lately I have been doing further research on dog food – I have written a rather long article (sorry! but there is a short video you can watch). It breaks down the ingredients on the dog food labels.

As you know I love Dachshunds and expecially Dachshund Luke so please take a look and get informed at Dachshund Dog Food Can Cause Sickness And Allergies

Where is the above link taking you? To the home of Dachshund Luke 🙂

Dachshunds Can Drown In Swimming Pools

Hi Dachshund lovers,

Hate to be bringing up such a horrid subject but I wanted everyone to remember Dachshunds can and do drown in swimming pools.
Never leave them alone near a pool or body of water even if yours is a good swimmer.
They could easily fall in – or just fancy a swim and jump in – and then find they cannot get out again.
Look at their little legs, most swimming pools are too difficult for them to reach the sides.

I know of a Dachshund that sadly died this month – his owner said that he often went for a splash around when they were swimming. However, this time he jumped in when he was alone outside and could not get out.

Tips if you have a pool:

  • Think about installing a fence around  your pool (some states in the USA this is compulsary)
  • Cover your pool – If  you have a cover and your Dachshund will be outside alone then please use it.
  • Inform ALL family members and visitors of the risk of your Dachshund not being able to get back out of the pool.
  • Get a kids paddling pool for them to play in – especially if you Dachshund loves water.
  • Get them a life jacket to wear when swimming – these are also come with a handle on top so it is easy to scoop your Dachshund up.
  • Make sure your Dachshund understands a Stop command – No! Stop! and obays it – training, training! If they understand and react your Dachshund will be safer from danger.

Dachshund Luke added Dachshund Life Jackets to his  Dog toys and Supplies That Dachshunds Love site – Click Here to have  a look.

I found this site when looking up training and liked the free video
Online dog training video that is worth looking at.

Our little Dachshunds are precious but also have a mind of their own. Know where your Dachshund is and train him to come back when called.

Training a Dachshund – Because They Are Small

OK, it seems that I have had many new Dachshund owners telling me that they do not feel it is necessary to train a small dog – because you can pick them up!

While it is true that they are easy to scoop up and removed from trouble this is not training them – quite the oppositethey are training you!

These intelligent little ones soon learn that whenever they do a certain thing (bark, dig holes, chew the furniture etc) they are held in the nice arms of their human. What more can a Dachshund want? Do you think they are going to stop this bad behavior? NO.

Dachshunds need to be trained with positive reinforcement – when they do something right – and a sharp NO when they do something wrong. Please no hitting or scaring them.

Hundreds of Dachshunds end up in shelters every year because their owners failed to train them correctly. Their behavior may be cute as a puppy but will soon get old. You owe it to yourself and your Dachshund to get them on a short fun training program.

“Train your Dachshund – do no let him train you.”

Information on training your wonderful Dachshund the easy way:

How To Potty Train A Dachshund 

How To Potty Train A Dachshund Puppy

Trainer To The Stars Answers Your Questions – Free Video

Dachshund Friendly Toys and Supplies

Some of my non-Dachshund owner friends think that Dachshund Luke is a little spoilt – he would not agree and just puts it down to special needs.

Take toys for instance – as much as he likes the cheap fluffy toys it does not save me money in the end. Our little long dogs may be cute and cuddly however, they can chew and rip up toys in seconds. When it comes to jaws, they are power-shredding machines. I have spent $ (can not say the exact amount incase my husband is reading this) on toys for Dachshund Luke only to find fluffy pieces of it all over the sofa before I have even got to throw the label away.

So a warning to new Dachshund owners (or owners who are wondering why they now have a toy budget) you would be wise to ignore the little dog toys looking all cute hanging on the shelves at your local pet store and instead grab something designed for a bigger dog.  Save the fluffy cheap toys for more delicate jaws.

Dachshund Luke would love to show you what he has in his house.

Dachshund Luke with a ball

Dog toys and supplies that Dachshunds love

Click on the link above and take a peek – tell me if he is spoilt.

Potty training a Dachshund

Dachshunds and their owners have a very special relationship and often form strong bonds.

I know I have with mine – he is my doggie sole mate!

If you own a Dachshund or are thinking of getting one soon then  I am sure your are aware that they can be a little on the stubborn side.

This can show up when it is time to start potty training Dachshunds.

However, do not fear there is lots of information available to help you.


How to potty train a Dachshund 

Potty Train An Older Dachshund 

How To Potty Train A Dachshund Puppy

Dachshund peeing in the house

Check out my links above to get you on the right track.

Funny Dachshund videos


Dancing Dachshunds

Thought we could all do with a laugh so here are a few funny Dachshund videos.

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