Tips on getting your Dachshunds cage ready for plane.

Pimp your Dachshunds cage. 


Tips on getting your Dachshund’s crate ready to go on a plane. 

When you fill out the forms and hand over your dog to the Pet Cargo department, he begins a journey without you to monitor him, similar to your luggage.

Luggage not arriving is an inconvenience; you file a complaint and let off a bit of steam at the lost luggage office, buy a new set of underwear and a toothbrush and hope that it magically appears at your hotel before the end of your vacation.

Your dog not arriving is unforgivable and stressful to say the least.

When he transferred between the warehouse, cargo, and plane, you want everyone to remember his crate. The more it stands out from the other crates the better.

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How to measure Dachshund for a cage

How to Measure your dog for a crate or cage
Measuring a Dachshund

Measuring a Dachshund

Measure your dog.

 The airline cannot only refuse to take your dog on the flight for not having the correct crate but also if it is the wrong size.

We were surprised after measuring Luke that due to his long back he needed a larger cage than we would have purchased.

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How To Prepare A Dachshunds Crate For A Flight

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Dachshund airline cage

Dachshund Luke in his cage
Dachshund Luke in his cage

If you are planning to take your dog with you to another country, he is going to need a cage/crate. He will also have to go in the hold of the plane.

Let us face it many Dachshund’s owners tend to let their little ones sleep in bed with them. They love to burrow under the blankets, keep you warm and do not take up much room. He had a little soft blue cat bed that he liked to drag around the house and that is what he holed up in when we went out. Luke was never crate trained. In hindsight, he should have been however now the time had come. 

We recently flew from America to Spain with Dachshund Luke and decided to fly with Continental Airlines; of course, Luke was going on the same flight.

Important: Not any cage/crate will do.

Check with the airline for all special crate requirements – some have additional requirements.

Find an airline approved crate supplier and make sure they meet airline requirements.

We used the ‘Petmate sky kennel’ with the additional raised floor and dry mats. This came complete with two food bowls and met all the requirements for Continental Airlines.

Dachshund approved Crates and toys available at –

Dog toys and supplies that Dachshunds Love

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