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Hi Dachshund lovers,

Just letting you know that there is free shipping (ground) until March 22nd being offered on my book Dachshund Luke Goes To Spain.

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    Would make a great gift for a Dachshund lover!

    Oh, and it is full of pictures of me 🙂

    Dachshund Luke xx

    Dachshund Luke Holiday Video Happy Holidays Everyone

    Dachshund Luke Holiday Video Happy Holidays Everyone

    Dachshund Luke rocking to Elvis

    Dachshund Luke And Kitty Kat Find The Sun

    Dachshund Luke And Kitty Kat Find The Sun

    Hunting down the sun in the winter 

    Dachshund owners know that their Dachshund is always somewhere close by. Therefore, it was an odd feeling when I stood up and realized I did not have a nine-pound Dachshund sleeping up my sweatshirt. Odd.  

    He was not under the blankets in bed either. Even odder. We had not lit the fire yet, so he was not snuggled on his cushion… 

    Umm, I knew he was not outside since it is too cold for him to spend any longer than necessary shivering in the garden. In a slight panic, I tried to remember the last time the front door had been opened. Is he wandering the streets of Spain, perhaps following a mule? 

    No such excitement for Dachshund Luke, you see the clouds had parted enough to let a ray of warm sun hit our open back door. 

    There he sat with Kitty Kat soaking up what little winter warm Spain could throw their way.  

    Dachshund Luke will do anything to find a bit of warmth – even forgo my sweatshirt to enjoy the sunshine.

    Is Dog Food Safe For Our Dachshunds

    Is Dog Food Safe For Our Dachshunds?

    Well Dachshund lovers ever since Dachshund Luke got very sick from eating those cute little individual cans of dog food and the dog food recalls I have been swinging towards homemade.

    About three years ago Dachshund Luke ended up very sick and needed an emergency operation. He had a blockage and food was not getting into his stomach – which was full of bile. We thought we were going to lose him, but luckily after a seven day stay at the vets (and a big bill) we were able to bring him  home and nurse him to health.

    In some pictures of Dachshund Luke (they are all over the internet!) you might have noticed a little bald patch on his back – that is where they inserted a drip. He has a scar running the whole length of his belly. But he is still one proud Dachshund and thinks he is the bees knees.

    The vet warned me against feeding him commercial food. His little belly could not take it any more. He also said that it is quite common among Dachshunds and other small breeds and that he has seen an increase of food related allergies – often just suddenly appearing.

    Of course lots of Dachshunds can eat anything without ever getting sick but Dachshund Luke is now on a strict diet of Prescription food and homemade.

    Since we have had a little more time on our hands lately I have been doing further research on dog food – I have written a rather long article (sorry! but there is a short video you can watch). It breaks down the ingredients on the dog food labels.

    As you know I love Dachshunds and expecially Dachshund Luke so please take a look and get informed at Dachshund Dog Food Can Cause Sickness And Allergies

    Where is the above link taking you? To the home of Dachshund Luke 🙂

    Dachshund Needs A Bath

    Dachshund Needs A Bath

    Dachshund Luke is not a water fan so bath time can be a little bit of a challenge for all of us.

    Over the years I have learnt not to mention the word ‘Bath’ anytime in the same month as I plan to bath him! He knows if hears ‘Bath’ then he will not go anywhere near the bathroom for weeks.

    Luckily he does not need to be bathed that often BUT he loves to roll in anything dead, smelly, or unmentionable.

    Most of the time we can get away with using a wet cloth (often mixing warm water with a little vinegar) – he is so tiny after all and a dishtowel is big enough to cover him.

    BUT every now and then, however wet that cloth may be it just will not be enough to remove the latest ‘rollin good time’.

    So my husband and I do the secret motion for bath time (Dachshund Luke has not learnt it yet) and the fun begins……

    Click here to find out –  How To Give A Dachshund A Bath 

  – Yes Dachshund Luke has a website!

    Dachshund dog steps


    Dachshund Luke uses dog steps 

    My special dog steps

    I may have a long body but my legs (do not laugh) are only 3 inches long! Thats my legs and steps in this picture.

    Yep, I only stand a few inches off the floor and to tell the truth, I do not really like the floor. I spend a lot of time on my human’s bed and the soft chairs but they are so high up.

    Instead, I have my own special stairs – I am the only one allowed to use them.
    I love my stairs because I do not have to wait to be picked-up – I am a little stubborn so waiting is not my thing.

    I have a set of stairs by my human’s bed and a set that leads to the soft big cuddling chair in front of the fire. They are very portable so we even take them when I stay at friends houses.

    I personally do not mind things getting dirty but my human is happy that she can take the cover off and wash it in the washing machine.

    Dachshund Luke’s news flash.

    Do not damage your Dachshunds back.

    Dachshunds have very long backs – we are nearly a dog and a half in length – and we should not be jumping. We can damage our backs even if we are still young.
    Many Dachshunds sadly get hurt very badly (or worse) from jumping down from things.
    Please do everything you can to stop you Dachshund from jumping.


    Dachshund Luke thinks all Dachshund’s need steps. 

    Flat Stanley visits Dachshund Luke

    Dachshund Luke meets Flat Stanley


    A very nice girl called Alana asked if she could send Flat Stanley to visit Dachshund Luke in Spain.

    Well, we all know that Luke has been missing his friends in Florida so he was excited about meeting Flat Stanley.
    Dachshund Luke had to wait for Flat Stanley to arrive from America. He went to the post office every day until at last the post man gave him an envelope.

    Flat Stanley arrives in Spain 

    First day in Cadiar.


    Flat Stanley flew all the way from America to this little village in Spain called Cadiar. We found Flat Stanley in the village post office. He was safe in his envelope and happy to get out.

    Flat Stanley was very energetic when he arrived and wanted to have his picture taken at the village sign.
    When we got to the house, he met his new friend Dachshund Luke for the first time. Dachshund Luke was so happy to meet him and after a lot of excitement, they soon settled down and chatted together. 


    It had been a long trip so Stanley snuggled with Luke for a siesta.A siesta is a Spanish tradition going back hundreds of years that allows everyone, even children in schools to take a mid day break for two hours. It is so popular that during siesta time the streets in the village are quiet and empty.


    Lets go and explore Cadiar 

    When Stanley and Dachshund Luke wake up, they are full of energy.

    They talked and played and then Dachshund Luke decided to show Flat Stanley Cadiar.

    One of Dachshund Luke’s favorite things to do is going for a walk and Flat Stanley was more than happy to join him.


    Cadiar is in the Sierra Nevada 

    The first thing Flat Stanley noticed is that almost everyone spoke Spanish.

    Dachshund Luke told him that he is trying to learn Spanish and that dog in Spanish is perro. They both agreed that they prefer perro to dog.

    Flat Stanley decides that it would be so much fun to learn a new language. Maybe even Spanish!

    They walked to the village and on the way, Dachshund Luke explained the Cadiar is very old. At least 500 year old – that is old! There are around 2000 people living in the village.

    All of the houses are white. It is a very old tradition in Spanish villages.

    Flat Stanley also found out that Cadiar is nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Sierra Nevada means Snowy Mountain. You can just see the last of the snow on the mountain by Flat Stanley’s hand.

    Flat Stanley thinks it is a very pretty village.


    The farmers grow grape vines in Cadiar. 

    A farmer told Flat Stanley that there are no grapes yet but in the summer, they will have hundreds to pick.
    He invited Flat Stanley to come back in the summer to help pick them.


    This is Cadiar’s church.  

    This church is beautiful.
    It is around 500 years old!


    Look how small the streets are. 

    Dachshund Luke told Stanley that it is because they only had Mules when they built the houses.
    Flat Stanely saw a Mule or two every day in Cadiar.

    A Mule! 

    Flat Stanley met his first Mule.

    The locals use Mules to work on the land and to carry heavy bundles of straw. They also still ride them in the streets.


    Time for something to eat. 

    They went to a little panaderia (bakery) at the top of the hill and purchased a couple of churros, which is a Spanish desert pastry. It is a lot like an American doughnut except that it is long and thin. Stanley thought that the best part was the warm cup of pure milk chocolate that they give you on the side for dipping!

    They went to a little panaderia (bakery) at the top of the hill and purchased a couple of churros, which is a Spanish desert pastry. It is a lot like an American doughnut except that it is long and thin. Stanley thought that the best part was the warm cup of pure milk chocolate that they give you on the side for dipping!


    Flat Stanley’s time to say goodbye. 

    Well Flat Stanley has had a lot of fun in Spain but soon it was time to leave.

    He said his sad goodbye’s to Dachshund Luke and told him that he wants to visit again.
    Dachshund Luke asked him what he liked most.

    He thought about it and then told Dachshund Luke that he liked the fact that it was not busy and crowded. Also, that the air is clean and pure, everything smelled so fresh and healthy and how old Cadiar is.
    He also loved the fact that the village still lived in the traditional ways, keeping animals under their houses, using Mules, growing grapes.

    Oh, he had so many things that he liked and he couldn’t wait to get back to America to tell Alana.

    He jumped back in his envelope along with postcards, stickers and a map and started his journey home.


    Dachshund Luke goes to Spain 

    Wondered what Dachshund Luke is doing in Spain?
    Flat Stanley did so Dachshund Luke showed him this page.

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