Dachshund Friendly Toys and Supplies

Some of my non-Dachshund owner friends think that Dachshund Luke is a little spoilt – he would not agree and just puts it down to special needs.

Take toys for instance – as much as he likes the cheap fluffy toys it does not save me money in the end. Our little long dogs may be cute and cuddly however, they can chew and rip up toys in seconds. When it comes to jaws, they are power-shredding machines. I have spent $ (can not say the exact amount incase my husband is reading this) on toys for Dachshund Luke only to find fluffy pieces of it all over the sofa before I have even got to throw the label away.

So a warning to new Dachshund owners (or owners who are wondering why they now have a toy budget) you would be wise to ignore the little dog toys looking all cute hanging on the shelves at your local pet store and instead grab something designed for a bigger dog.  Save the fluffy cheap toys for more delicate jaws.

Dachshund Luke would love to show you what he has in his house.

Dachshund Luke with a ball

Dog toys and supplies that Dachshunds love

Click on the link above and take a peek – tell me if he is spoilt.

Dachshund dog steps


Dachshund Luke uses dog steps 

My special dog steps

I may have a long body but my legs (do not laugh) are only 3 inches long! Thats my legs and steps in this picture.

Yep, I only stand a few inches off the floor and to tell the truth, I do not really like the floor. I spend a lot of time on my human’s bed and the soft chairs but they are so high up.

Instead, I have my own special stairs – I am the only one allowed to use them.
I love my stairs because I do not have to wait to be picked-up – I am a little stubborn so waiting is not my thing.

I have a set of stairs by my human’s bed and a set that leads to the soft big cuddling chair in front of the fire. They are very portable so we even take them when I stay at friends houses.

I personally do not mind things getting dirty but my human is happy that she can take the cover off and wash it in the washing machine.

Dachshund Luke’s news flash.

Do not damage your Dachshunds back.

Dachshunds have very long backs – we are nearly a dog and a half in length – and we should not be jumping. We can damage our backs even if we are still young.
Many Dachshunds sadly get hurt very badly (or worse) from jumping down from things.
Please do everything you can to stop you Dachshund from jumping.


Dachshund Luke thinks all Dachshund’s need steps. 

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