Run with the wind

Run with the wind


I totally needed to take a break from my addiction of surfing. Not the energetic get wet type but the sit on my bottom looking at other people’s online life. Although Dachshund Luke is more than happy for me to stuff him up my jumper so he can take a nap and more than patient with me while I check my email, facebook, blogs, other peoples blogs, clicking away into the unknown, there comes a time in the day that I need to get up. Not just into the kitchen for another cup of tea, but really get up. 

Again, Luke saves me from this clicking madness and unfolds himself from the warm of my sweater, stretching his long body he gives me that look. Dog owners know it. It is that time for a walk look. I peel myself off and out of my computer chair refreshing my email, one last time and tear myself away from my glowing screen. Luke is right we need to get out of here for a while. 

Once out on the dusty river road I ponder why we do not spend more time outside. It is stunning, wonderful snow capped (yep still snow) mountains poking into blue skies. Paths in all directions, taking you along the river or up into the mountain, miles of tracks surrounded by blooming spring flowers and hardly a human in sight. They beckon but not for today. Luke’s little legs and his desire to sniff every blade of Mule and goat trodden grass makes it hard for him to go on long walks. 

It is windy today so his ears are flapping. He seems to love it when it is windy and likes to run with the wind. Really wish I could let him run free however; he just has no road sense. Even though not many cars pass along these tracks, you do get the occasional car transporting the locals to their plots of vegetables and Luke being so short is nearly unnoticeable among the ruts in the ground. He also has a habit of walking along nicely until he wants to go home. Then he shoots ahead, little legs kicking up dust and suddenly becomes deaf to all his commands.

Have you ever tried to catch up with a running Dachshund?

No, well let me tell you they may have little legs but they can boogie. So much to the amazement of the locals who rarely allow their dogs in the house let alone ever purchase a lead for it, Luke walks along happily and safely attached to his expanding lead.

Dachshund book

Have you ever left your safe place to explore the unknown?

Welcome to the enchanting world as seen through the eyes of one loveable Dachshund called Luke.
Won’t you join him in this first adventure of a series in which our little friend leaves his home in America and finds himself in Spain.
Along the way, he learns many life lessons in which we can all use a refresher course. If you are a parent, a child, a dog lover or a world traveler this delightful dog will charm you. Packed with pictures this book is sure to bring a smile to your lips and laughter to your heart.

Please feel free to preview the first 15 pages of my book

Dachshund Luke goes to Spain : 


I am currently living in a little Spanish village with time to reflect and get to know some of the locals including the group of English ex-pats and their families. It dawned on me how strange it must have been for some of the children to leave behind their friends and all familiar to them. This prompted me to write this little book. It is all about Dachshund Luke and his move from Florida to Spain. My hope is that it will be enjoyed and just possibly help with a child adjusting to new places. 

 Thank you for looking

Sausage Dog becomes Perro Salchicha

Dachshund Luke

Dachshund’s bring happines

to the world.

From Sausage dog to Perro Salchicha.

We just got back from a little walk with Luke along the river where we met a local riding his mule. 

The old man laughed out loud, pointed and mumbled “Perro salchicha”.

He then struggled to get his mule moving again but I could still hear him laughing. 

It seems wherever Luke the  Dachshund is in the world he brings smiles to faces and he loves it.

His little tail wags like crazy whenever he sees a human or animal.

In Florida he was of course “sausage dog” but I kinda like the Spanish version “perro salchicha”.

At least I now know what to ask the butcher when I need sausages! 

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