I fricking did it!

13 miles up and down mountains, yep I did it today. I am so happy!

Took me 2 ½ hours.

Will blog the experience in the morning since my aging brain is not doing its thing so having great difficulty in the thinking, typing area.

Congratulation’s to all who managed this grueling walks/run and to the guy who ran it in just over a hour.

At this point in my life shouldn’t I know better?


The countdown is in hours not days yet still I am as untrained as the day the walk was announced. How can this be? How fast does time go without me noticing?

It is time to get out of my head and into the real world and drag out my tracksuit bottoms for at 10 am tomorrow morning I will be at the start of a 13 mile walk.

I am after all the one that willingly filled in the application form for Cadiar’s first mini marathon but I have to reflect on the question, why? Some things come to mind including wanting to feel part of the community, feeling younger in mind than my real body is, and my big mouth. My chattering can get me in trouble and at the mention of a marathon that is exactly what I did. I told tales of the long distance walking that I enjoyed in England, after that an application and pen was slid along the bar. I failed to mention that these walks took place over 17 years ago with a much younger fit body.

Tonight I will try to put this feat out of my head and get some rest ready for an early start.

So wish me luck as I put my body where my mouth is, hoping I can actually finish what I started and not be the last one in.

April Fools Day…..In Cadiar, Spain.

Don’t know why I started with that because now you are going to be expecting something funny or silly. Sorry its way too early in the morning for that. Besides I am not sure what April fools joke I could do in this village. It is often so bazaar on a daily basis. I am still amazed by the massive Mules passing me on the narrow streets, the goats walking behind their owner and the local old guys tilling their land by hand.


What I really wanted to talk about is the half marathon this Sunday April 5th. It is Cadiar’s 1st ever half marathon and possibly it’s last since the English couple who arranged it are rumored to be leaving soon. The small English community has talked about this for months and I pondered taking part. I can’t run to save my life but the web site (one of Cadiar’s few) reassures me ‘run it or walk it, you can do it’. I have been spending a lot of time trying to find my creative sides so have only today woken up to the world and realized it is this Sunday. I have decided to attempt to walk the 13 miles of cross country madness. Now for those that know me this is not the much anticipated April fools joke. I am aware that I have not trained for it. Preferring to spend an hour most mornings in the local ‘Bar De Musica’ sipping Café con leche and listening to the serious folks explain their current ‘walk, run’ program. I watched them loose weight, heard their pride of faster uphill times and each day thought I should do that. Well too late now. I am going cold. Not even a warm up.

I had a dream last night that I was standing among a few hundred people in bicycle shorts and snazzy minimalist runners’ tops waiting for the grand start. The gun (gun?) fired and off the long limbed athletic types ran leaving me in my baggy tracksuit bottoms to walk alone for over 13 miles. In my dream it was dark by the time I reached the now empty finish line despite the race starting at 10 am. I have today on April fools day registered to do the walk.

Now time to slip into the ‘Bar De Musica’ for the usual and punish myself whilst listening to the dedicated few.

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